Coming Fall 2020

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An exclusive community of winemakers & wine lovers

Join our Wine Club and experience unprecedented and immersive access to the best winemakers in the world. Decantify will introduce you to our winemaker of the month so you can sample their exquisite collection, delivered directly from their vineyard to your table.

Subscribe Decantify´s Wine Club and enjoy:

- 4 tiers adjusted to your palate
- Exclusive wines & limited edition releases
- Discounts & free delivery
- Online & offline wine experiences
- Direct access to winemakers & sommeliers

Your digital cellar door

There’s so much more to wine than just the taste. That’s why Decantify is  on a mission to bring our winemaker’s vineyard experience into the comfort of your own home, where you can delve behind the scenes and get to know where your wine comes from and the story of how it was made - directly from those who make it.

Enjoy unrivalled
& unforgettable wines

We’ve partnered with some of the top winemakers in Europe to provide you with an evolving and unique cellar of wines ready to be discovered. From one-of-a-kind offerings to well-regarded favourites, Decantify has the perfect wines for your palate.

Coming Fall 2020

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